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    Spagnesi was founded in the 1960's in the heart of Tuscany, under the sign of passion and enthusiasm of a master upholsterer with a genius for harmonizing noble materials like wood and leather and translating creativity and imaginativeness into beauty. Over the years, the workshop located a short distance from Florence grew and underwent industrial transformation, becoming one of the most proven industries in the furnishings sector. Today, Spagnesi is a member company of a leading sector group and is present at top showrooms worldwide. Spagnesi identifies strongly with their roots in Tuscany, land of art and artistic crafts. Exalting the great traditions of the past, Spagnesi translates their love for the territory and ancient knowledge into unique decorating objects in classic/contemporary style. This is our philosophy.

    The precious leathers used to cover our sofas and complements are still tanned in the time-honored tradition to ensure that the characteristics of each hide remain unaltered and thus communicate all their natural beauty. The process begins with selection of the raw hides on the international markets. All the successive processing phases are carried out in the group's tanning facilities and this fact offers the clear advantage of maintaining direct control over the tanning processes. Our strongest points are a continuing quest for excellence and research into new techniques for expressing the true "soul" of the leather: for enhancing and freeing its natural essence.

    Careful selection of materials marks each item with a distinctive sign; each sofa is created using precious woods, natural leathers, and exclusive fabrics, and applying the sewing techniques typical of the greatest Italian leather-working tradition. The Spagnesi trademark on each finished product is synonymous with quality and exclusivity rooted in a splendid far-off past.

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    Glam Gallery | Contemporary Gallery | Classic Gallery | Occassional Gallery
    General Construction, Leathers & Fabrics

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